Can anything be done to make the feet of the elderly more bouyant with injections of their own fat?

I am an old man and my feet are absolutely destroyed by those stupid flagstones with the lumps on them , they’re everywhere now. Even my local bookmakers front door, there is about 4 square metres of these bumps to battle over before I can make my bet.
Hi mannonI have tried all of the inserts available and to no avail. You do not really know for sure that the fat would spread, do you?

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  1. Shoe inserts would work better (especially orthotics, made specifically for you ). I think that fat would just flatten right out and make more lumps !

  2. I think the best is to invest in some really good runners or walking trainers . I wear Asics and they’re like walking on air they’ve gel in them and good support. You need them fitted. I have bad feet. In Summer I wear Tevas sandals called tera fies not sure how to spell that but they’ve excellent rubber and where originally made to trek the Amazon. Both these I mention can be expensive and only bought from special shops but they last and last and last

  3. This is a medical question and you may want to consult a podiatrist. Also, I think I would be calling the bookie by phone or email.

  4. I love my Crocs. After standing on concrete all day, I can’t wait to slip into my Crocs. My son loves his because they compensate for his ankle which doesn’t have full flex and relaxes the stress on his foot. There are many styles.

  5. Ask your doctor if it would help you first.

  6. Please put me on the list if there is one.

  7. Sure would like the answer to that too, I have bone spurs in my feet, sometimes the pain is really over the top, and like you, inserts do not help.

  8. Why? why are there all these nasty cobbles about the place? I can comprehend it on areas where the council do not want you to walk – but unless they are seriously anti betting, surely that wouldn’t apply to shop doorways? I thought ours was bad enough with all the very little posts they stick all over the place just waiting for someone to fall over them or motorists to reverse into them. It’s insane!

    Do not see why you should have to consider medical interevention – but since you want to get to the bookies and other places how about just getting a heavier shoe/boot like doc martins – I luv mine!