how to install a wood fence on a concrete driveway?

I want to build a fence between my detached garage and my house, the only problem is i would have to install some posts through concrete and am planning on building the fence myself to save on costs any and all suggestions would be helpful?

ps the fence would most likely be an ‘L’ shape being 25′ x 8′-10′

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  1. only idea would be to drill down for a large 2 sided screw and put it in the cement and post.

  2. There are different directions you could pursue:
    One way would be to either buy, borrow, or rent a very little electric jack hammer to break open small square holes in the concrete to set your posts.

    Another way would be to set your fence on top of the concrete using 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch anchor bolts. You’d have to use treated wood where it is attached to the concrete. The L shaped fence would also give it strength in staying up. You’d have to either buy, borrow, or rent a hammer drill to drill holes for the anchor bolts.

  3. i wouldnt go through the concrete .. i would shoot or screw pressure treated 2X4’s down and build on them much like 1 would for attaching walls for a house to a slab .. .. you could even screw posts to the base first ‘build a side’ then flip the works over to screw it down ..

  4. My suggestion is different from all the other ideas…. I’d consult a builder that has a licence to use a Ram set nail gun & shoot nails through the timber & into the concrete & lay a strip of melthoid (a tar strip) between the timber and the concrete Then construct your fence from there upwards!


  5. Easiest solution would be post brackets set into the concrete with sleeve anchors.

  6. How about metal joist hanger brackets
    Screwed down to the drive to hold your posts