Can Asphalt be laid over concrete driveway?

Want to re-do an old, cracking concrete driveway. Asphalt is about one-sixth the cost ($1.60 per sq. foot) and concrete is about $6/sq ft.
Can asphalt be laid on top of the existing driveway? How thick would it need to be?

4 Comments on “Can Asphalt be laid over concrete driveway?

  1. As long as the sides are contained and it maintains its depth, which is tough to do depending on the size and elevation of your existing driveway. I would call for three bids and ask all the questions to the estimators. They will give you the poop on your situation. Good Luck

  2. Yes, and just for good measure any cracks in the concrete will magically appear in the asphalt.:-)
    You could try sealing up the cracks with some kind of sealant from 1 of the home stores like Home Depot or Lowes before the asphalt is installed.

  3. you can but it’s always better to replace the concrete.