can a masonry bit drill through glass?

i have a masonry bit and m trying to drill a hole in a glass bottle… will it work?

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  1. No. It will not even scratch the glass. You need a diamond tipped glass bit.

  2. Glass bits are not necessarily diamond tipped, they may be simply hardened steel, but they’ve a sharper tip to be able to cut into the glass. A masonary bit is not as sharp and ususally depends on a hammer drive, which would shatter your glass.

  3. No. You need a special glass drill bit. You need to use a hand drill for this job and some paraffin.

  4. No. You’ll need a diamond tipped drill bit, safety equipment like goggles, heavy gloves and arm protection ( in case the glass breaks ). You’ll also need lots of time. The drill bit speed must be very slow and you’ll need to spray the bit and glass often to keep the heat down.

  5. Most will not but some are made to cut ceramic, glass and high carbon steel . However I’ve never had good results with out a drill press. I almost always break or chip the glass. The bit description will say specifically glass specifically. FYI it will be very slow going. So do not get impatient as it will end up breaking the glass.

    The bit will be either diamond coated or carbide. Make sure and lube the work with water to keep from breaking the glass and burning up the bit.

  6. As everyone else has said the answer is no. Harbor Freight sells a set of glass bits for about $10 dollars or you can get 1 at Home Depot for about $10 dollars.Do not try to drill anything bigger than you need.

  7. diamond drill bits are for glass as masonry bits – self explanatory

  8. No, it will shatter the glass. You can buy a diamond tipped 1 for this from most DIY stores. Drill at a low speed.

  9. Well interesting you ask that question i saw an add on tv recently seeing the same drill bit drill threw glass concrete metal wood hardened tool steel i though what the hell i drill lots of stainless steel which isn’t as hard as tool steel ill give it a go it arrived a few days later it is almost identical to a masonry bit except the tip had been angled to that of a bit for drilling into steel and timber i put it to the test, Jesus this was magnificent i drilled a hole in a beer bottle then i put the bit into the drill press and started drilling into stainless steel i was stunned at its performance i have attached the website for reference