Ways i can separate a shared concrete driveway?

We share driveway with our neighbor.. right now we have a gravel/rock driveway & there is some grass separating our part from our neighbors, I would like to put in a concrete driveway(for both our part & our neighbors) what are ways(besides a wall i dont want to put up a wall) that i can separate our part from our neighbors if i put in a concrete driveway?

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  1. Do you want a physical barrier between the 2 sides, or just some kind of marking as a visual indicator?

    If you want a barrier, some sort of narrow bollard shouldn’t be hard to select. The contractor who pours the driveway should also be able to handle installing the bollards.

    If you want a visual marking, I would suggest just having an expansion joint down the center. It will not require any significant extra work.

  2. Keep the grass strip. Or, create a low gentle concrete curb that rises up a few inches. It would be enough to delineate the properties, but not enough to damage a tire, wheel or fender if you drive over it.

    One more thought, a slight, gentle trench to take water off of both drives. you could color the concrete a shade that you both agree upon.

  3. The simplest is a line of pavers or rocks. But make it a joint project and do like Salomon would have done have 1 of you measure the center and the other gets to pick his side. That keeps it honest wither we’re talking driveways or candy bars. Plants will get knocked down or smashed and any thing like a parking bump may damage a car.

    Oh if you do end up with concrete you can still use pavers or just paint a stripe.

  4. I would plant a low hedge. It is an easy to maintain and pleasant solution to separate the driveways that will enhance your property’s look.

  5. My sister plants flowers that grow to six or seven feet tall in the crack between the driveways, separating them with summer color.

  6. You can put in a line of belgium blocks the length of the driveway. It would give a semi-rough surface at surface level about four to six inches wide without creating a barrier you might bang into backing out.

  7. Consider something like a speed bump in appearance running up the driveway. It could be done with the pour of the driveway. something say 6wide and 2 tall. If you do not like the look of that and want it to be flat, then go with the pavers. Have your driveway poured with a recess for the pavers, so that it finishes flush with the driveway.