can this ritual be sensible at all?

on 1 hand they pray to their ancestors for decades, on the other they belive in reincarnation, if their parents or families member are lifeless for years, how do they know that the lifeless are still around or reincarnate? i am a non beliver of such custom as their are no concrete answer?

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  1. You’re searching for concrete answers in religion? Hahahahahaha. Religion is for nobs who seek emotional solice.

  2. I have asked myself the same question many times. Only they can answer this one, I’m afraid. Worst of all: they get so offended when you say things like this to them. We have a right to ask, right? I mean, I thought this was a freakin’ free country but I guess not…

  3. praying to lifeless ancestors is silly

    the lifeless can’t hear you

  4. Satan can appear in different ways and as people who have passed away, in order to deceive. The bible tells us that to try to conjure up spirits is dangerous as satan is a roaring lion who comes to rob, kill and destroy. The lifeless are in their graves, with their spirits in heaven or hell, period. The only spirits are angels and demons. The truth lies in God’s Holy inerrant Word. God bless

  5. You are right to some extent. However, people worship them {ancestors} because of their good deeds which they feel followable. Soul takes reincarnation which have been proved by many living person who remember their past.

  6. it is sensible if you believe it, that’s the cool thing about beliefs and spirituality and religion if you believe it so then it is so

    it’s not my thing but then neither is the idea of a lifeless jew on a stick being a god or the pagan belief of the trinity but they can believe this as it’s their right and not anyone should try to take it away

    my ‘religion’ is simple and pure and real, i’m a highly evolved primate and when i die I will cease to exist in any and all forms and either be burnt up or rot in the ground depending on what my relatives do with me

  7. 21st century science is just beginning to work out things like M theory and alternate universes, but apparently ancient Judaism is more than a few steps ahead of science on that discovery. Reincarnation has been a part of ancient Judaism for thousands of years, but more than that, there is also a teaching in Judaism, accepted by some, that the soul of the departed can exist in alternate realities simultaneously. A portion of it can remain behind with loved ones and a portion of it can move forward to be reincarnated. Maybe eastern religions that teach reincarnation believe something similar.

    From the website given below:

    << A living person consists of both body and soul. Both are complex in structure and this short answer can't possibly address the details. To summarize briefly, when the body dies, if the person merits it, a small portion of the soul remains with it to keep it connected with the soul's source, anticipating the general revival of the lifeless at the time that G-d decrees. Different parts of the remainder of the soul may go to different places. One might be reincarnated into a brand new body in an attempt to rectify another of its spiritual aspects, or for other purposes. One part might go to a level of Paradise. Another might go to Gehinnom for a period, to remove the sins of that life and prepare it for a future one. Another part might join temporarily with an already living person, to assist it with its rectification and in the process gather more merit. The reassignments of the soul continues until the time that G-d decrees.>>