I want to put in a stamped decorative concrete patio. Any tips?

Any suggestions on what to look for in how its done. How should the color be added to the concrete?

Can I put decorative gravel over a very long concrete driveway? any problems I may have ?

I have a GA n, three storey, double-fronted house would this be a good idea ? If not why not ?
I dont like the look of the concrete as a drive to an original georgian house.(More suited to a 1960’s bungalow)
It looks too contemporary and I’ve been t…

Becoming a landscape designer?

I have a love of plants, an unwanted law degree, a desire to work as a landscape designer, but no real or proffesional experience in landscaping. Should I consider more schooling or trying to get a job at a nursey, if possible? I more school is the…

i am a landscape designer.what is the best and userfriendly software for the designer?