Concrete guys do i need rebar for my driveway?

I have to expand my driveway and add a 11×11 slab in the back yard for my spa and gazebo…..i asked the cocrete guy if i need rebar for the driveway..he said no unless im planning on parking a big rig in my driveway….all i have is a 350z and my lifted gmc 1500…….its extending about 5’x15′ around that guesstimate. DO I NEED REBAR???? or even that mesh grill????

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  1. You’d be foolish not to add a mesh grill. It only cost pennies now, but if the concrete breaks up, it will cost you a lot in the end.

  2. Reinforcing steel is almost never installed correctly in driveways, costs more money, and provides no benefit on account of its inevitable incorrect placement. If the steel is un-coated, it will rust and corrode on account of the wet and alkaline environment. Rusting steel expands, causing the concrete to crack, leading to more water infiltration, leading to faster rusting, leading to more expansion, leading to wider cracks. If the steel is epoxy coated, it never bonds to the concrete and does not do anything. Leave the steel out and make the slabs an inch thicker. Proper control of joint spacing and sealing is important.


  3. yes, u fo need rebar. anytime u pour cement it must have rebar. or it will crack, an then u will have to pay to do repairs.. but without rebar there will be more cracks.. do it right the first time. an ull be ok

  4. Not rebar but, that steele 6x 6 fencing material should be put in there on top of the 2 concrete tie blocks to hold it in place.

  5. As long as there is load on the driveway then it’s best reinforcing.

    Rebar is best used in a driveway for which Five 6 inches of concrete can be poured. This is because rebar is comparatively thicker than galvanized mesh reinforcement. The proper way to use rebar reinforcement is to ensure that it is laid in the exact center of the driveway. To do this, a driveway will need to be poured in stages. Half the driveway concrete will need to be poured to a depth of three inches. Then the rebar reinforcement should be put down in an eighteen inch grid spacing. You should keep the edges of the rebar the same distance from each side. If the concrete is not thick enough consistency to prevent the rebar from sinking, it will need to be propped up on blocks. Then the final layer of Two 3 inches of concrete should be poured on top of this.

  6. Pour a four inch slab and have the concrete company add fibers to it. These are pieces of fine fiberglass mixed in with the material. It is a lot easier to fool with and will do the job you want.