do the easter bunny and santa clause soften u up to believe in god?

Right off the bat, Yes I know that they’re secular customs. The point is, from an early age, as a catholic, you are knowingly deceived to believe a man comes into your house and gives you things, because you follow the rules of the church. Everyone now knows that the parents buy the junk for us, and should get credit for it, but we’re lied to. Has this ever been renounced by the church as wrong? The same goes with the easter bunny. As a child, we’re convinced that an invisible man gives us things when we’re good. As we mature and ask questions about life, another invisible guy is the answer we get. Santa does not give us eternal happiness, but concrete things like toys that entertain you when you are young. It really seems fishy that the same people who believe in god tell their kids santa is real. What do you think? Does a belief in santa and magic bunnies pave the way to believing in a god?

Please no gospel, psalms or letters to the Carolinians.
When you add the facts that a lot of our thinking processes are developed at an early age(i may be decieved but i can’t stand up to dad, or the priest and then the next fifty scam artists), and the idea of going to hell for questioning beliefs, i feel there is a connection. It may be a weak conspiracy theory, but it seems kinda like, carry the calf, carry the cow. I went to a Catholic gradeschool and questioned their myths to the teachers and they do not take it well. I did not believe in Santa for very long, and I do not believe in a god now. I do believe in the golden rule though.
That’s why some people say God is just Santa Claus for adults. Some of them just never grow out of it.
THIS IS MY POINT. thank you, sir or maam.
The parents go to work everyday to buy the gifts and they give all the credit to Santy Clause. its not right. I love my parents and they did not lie to me for long(6yo.). I love Christmas too, cause everyone gets together.

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  1. We all know the difference between God and the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause.

  2. If it could be proven that children who never believed in Santa and the Bunny are more likely to be atheists as adults, you might have a point. For now, you do not.

  3. Not really, God is a very little more like the boogeyman if you read the Old Testament from the Book of Lies.

  4. It is a silly thing to bring santa and bunny into an adult conversation

  5. except the Easter bunny and Santa both have evidence they exist, present and eggs.The evidence is planted but until you discovered that, it was evidence. There is no evidence of God.

  6. That’s why some people say God is just Santa Claus for adults. Some of them just never grow out of it.

  7. My church does not promote it, even though we celebrate christmas as representing Jesus’ birth, and Easter as His resurrection. Even christians get caught up in worldly customs, but they’re still wrong. Lying to your kids is never acceptable.

  8. Your real issue is with your parents. Get some counselling.
    Or get them to get some couselling.

  9. no

    santa is a elf not a man and the rabbit brings the easter eggs not a man

    they’re world customs and have nothing to do with the church

    the secular world tells their children these things and judge christians as crazy if they don’t tell their children about santa and the easter bunny.

  10. People always need something to believe in…. it does not make all the deception right. They’re generally in need of laws, rules, parental figures-even if in the form of gods and myths, rewards and punishment systems.

  11. Custom and culture are to blame as well as parents who follow them !!!

    Give yourself a very little time and you will make your own mistakes in raisiing your children !!! God bless !!!

  12. hardly, and i do not really think parents are evil enough to ‘deceive’ their children.. buying presents for kids and letting their childish imagination have fun yep that’s killer stuff.

    i bet most atheists buy their kids presents at christmas and tell them the toys are from santa. Or a chocolate egg from the easter bunny. I never believed in the easter bunny but it was fun. a game. children do enjoy these things you know.

    Now as you said yourself these are secular fantasies for children. not linked to religion. So how do you link that as a sneaky way for tricking people into believing in God?

  13. You kind of have a point, I must admit. But Santa Claus has no relation to religion. It’s just a very little fairy tale. Some non- Christians and Catholics and even athiests that I have met still teach their children about Santa Claus and the Easter bunny.

    The whole Santa Claus thing represents when the Magi gave Jesus gifts when he was born. So Santa Claus does have some religion in it, but not the way that you are thinking.

    You make a fair agrument though.