Weed control between concrete patio stones?

We have a patio made of 2ft by 2ft patio stones, with 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch spaces between the stones. The weeds drive me nuts! Any ideas on what I can fill in the spaces with to prevent weeds from growing? I tried sand, and grew weeds, I tried screening and couldn’t go on the patio in barefeet. Dirt grows lotsa weeds. I was thinking of using Top & Bond concrete patch, and puting the powder between the stones, watering it, and waiting to see what happens if it hardens. What do you think?
Thanks to all of you! I have leftover rock salt from last winter, & vinegar is a great idea. I wasn’t looking forward to playing with concrete anyway. Unfortunately we have a no herbicide by-law so Roundup is contraband here.

6 Comments on “Weed control between concrete patio stones?

  1. round-up weed killer…just keep spraying the patio for about every Two 3 weeks

  2. Manually pull out the grass and weeds, put rock salt in the cracks and water it in good. You need the space for heat expansion and cold contraction in the blocks.

  3. Round-up does make a product that prevents weeds from coming back up or a period of time. I would try that or some other soil sterilizer

  4. You can make your own weed killer using one gallon of vinegar, a cup of salt, and a teaspoon of dishsoap. Be cautious to only spray this in areas you no longer want things to grow. This will prevent anything from growing for a few years.

  5. For a non toxic treatment simply apply boiling water. It is marvellous on weeds.

  6. What you could do is get some industrial type of caulking ,comes in many diferent colors and will last for years . Just make sure to clean the area between the rocks throughly before applying your caulking.