My boss keeps putting off paying me?

This summer, I have been working a landscaping job. I have been getting paid on a regular basis. There is no employment contract, and no paycheck stub to speak of.

Over the last 2 weeks, my boss has slipped behind with my pay, and it has gradually added up to a rather large sum. He now seems to put off paying me everytime I talk to him.

I’m not sure exactly what to do. I do not want to quit for fear I will never hear from him again. but I do not want to work anymore without being paid. I am trying to discreetly find reasons to take the day off until he pays me.

I know I am not in the best legal standing if he decides he’s not going to pay me. There is no employment contract, and no paperwork saying I am an employee. I am effectively being treated like an independant contractor. However, I use his tools, I only work for him, and I am listed on the vehicle insurrance for his landscaping truck.

What are my options?
As to the tax cheat accusations, I can pay my taxes myself. Being paid in cash doesn’t automatically mean tax fraud. I have a lot of accountants in my family who would never let me get away with that.
In response to another comment. I am actually on the insurrance. I had to go to State Farm.

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  1. confront ur boss and talk to him and lay it down, pay me now or else.

  2. you could sue him, just as an independent contractor can sue a customer who does not pay after services are rendered…

    but you’re on the insurance, so you’re an employee… just emphasize that you must get paid.

  3. you can go talk to him. tell him if you don’t pay me i will quit and file a lawsuit. and if he does not pay you then actually quit and get a lawyer.

  4. Without a legally binding contract you do not have a case.
    Reason with him saying you need to pay the bills and get a deadline from him.

  5. Either your boss is broke, which is probably because your company is either going out of business, or it is.( Due to the failing economy) The other reason is that your boss might be greedy, even though reason # one is more likely.

  6. Sorry buddy but you a tax cheat so the only way you can get your money is by turning him over to the labor board or sueing him in court. Its like a tax cheat working for a pay cheat. When you cheat you lose.

  7. Tell him if he does not pay you you’ll quit if he says fine go ahead tell him he will not ever find his tools and leave. Hide the tolls not where you live but in a convenient spot only you know of. Once he pays you give him the tools and QUIT.

  8. report him to the labor board.

    Do not keep working for him, even if you think it may work out later….He’s getting the benefit of your labor, and needs to keep his obligation to pay you.

  9. Have it out with him,he owes you money.
    If he cannot or won’t pay then don’t go back,until he has squared your money.

    The first and most important rule I have as an employer is to make sure that everybody is paid,in full,every pay day.
    I have been employing people for over twenty years,I have never,ever failed to pay on time.

  10. He may be having trouble getting paid from 1 of the clients.
    I think the best thing to do as you are actually a sub contractor in this instance is to go and ask him straight out what the trouble is and how you can help.
    If he does not want to talk about it with you or won’t- give him an invoice for your time. This will give you some back up if things go to small claims court.
    If he will talk with you then you can deal with him like an adult and see if you both can work it out together. He may be completely stressed and just not know how to talk with you or what to do.
    Communication is key.

  11. get four or five italian gentlemen to convince him it’s in his best interest to pay up . of course you will have to pay a vig of at least half , but half a loaf is better than none .

  12. Write him a certified letter, setting a deadline for payment. If he does not pay you, take him to small claims court.

  13. since your working under the table,and have no paystubs or contract you dont fall under any rights.therefore Hahahahahahaha ur the dummy for doing this lol. ya cant do anything..quit is all ya can do lol lol

  14. I would professionally and courteously comfront him and state that you need to get paid in order to meet your expenses/rent/bills. Tell him you’ve been backed up on your payments because he has not paid you in a timely manner. With the way things are nowadays I would not be surprised if maybe he is having financial difficulties. Things aren’t always what they seem.

  15. Your boss is breaking the law and can go to jail for a very long time. First, he’s not paying his taxes. You could be in trouble for the same thing. If you are earning a paycheck, you must pay FICA, federal, state and so on. He has to pay as well. He also has to keep employment records. We are talking federal laws being broken here. Not to mention your state will want to speak to him as well. If you are listed on his company’s vehicle insurance, they’ll want to know why.

    Only your boss, his immediate family, and workers can be listed on a commercial vehicle. He can’t insure an independent contractor on his vehicle. So that will not fly. He can’t use that against you. This is your proof. Keep accurate records of all the time you have worked and not become paid. Go to your local labor board and report him. But be advised, you may be asked why you aren’t paying taxes and why you agreed to work with no records. He may not be the only 1 in trouble.

    You can do that, or report him to the IRS… otherwise you are stuck. So, your choices are: report him, continue working for free, or find another job. No matter what, the honest thing to do is to report this guy so he does not keep doing it to other people….. and offer to catch up your taxes.

    There is an added risk here. If you do nothing and someone finds out about this guy… or if he is ever audited, you can be in a world of trouble. You can even go to jail. I suggest you get help now.

    God bless!

  16. This is simple…trap him in his words.

    Tommorow after you off work an hour call him on the phone.
    Tell him I hate to bring this up, but I really need to get my pay
    from August___ to Aug ___ (say the dates). Listen to
    what he says…say little…Only you know you have him on

    This is now his verbal comprehending with you. Now hold
    this while you look for another job and still work for him.
    Once you land the job, take the tape to the Labor Board in
    your area (contact the city office near you or unemployment
    office to direct you). While you are doing this send him
    a Certified Letter that he has to sign for. In the letter
    breakdown all he owes you and the dates. Give him a
    10 day time frame to have this to you Let him know after
    this time you are taking this to court (you and tape with
    Labor board behind you).

    He only told you he has insurance on you when driving the
    truck. Bet if your in an accident he doesn’t remember
    telling you this and you have no insurance to cover your
    accident and he sues you to recoup his truck damages.

    Work quickly to remove yourself from this job.