What is the best surface to work dough on?

I am building a custom kitchen island. I want to know what kind of counter top is the best suited to work dough on….Concrete, Paperstone or stone -and what kind. Thanks

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  1. any thing works just put flour down when you work on it or wax paper flour is the best though

  2. you should actually use the skins of lifeless or dying animals. Scrape 50% to 70% of the hair off then wash thoroughly in salted urine. Naill 1 end to the side of the island then stretch it across and nail agian. your welcome troll

  3. Wood is the best in my opinion. Working it on a large cutting board is always an east option (or installing a cutting board portion into your counter top). Really I do not think any of the options make much of a difference in working dough, I’d suggest considering the cooking tools that you’ll be using on the counters (their durability).

    Mark’s very right butter doughs (like phyllo, crossiants) need a cool surface to keep the butter from getting too soft. Marble is the best for that, it’s also used for working chocolate.

  4. Depends on what kind of dough you are talking about.

    Pastry dough / Butter dough is best worked on cool marble or other stone

    Pizza and bread dough are best worked on wood.

  5. marble is the best but with a marble cutting board that would be a lot cheaper