flagstone over concrete?

We took off the old nasty carpet in our breezeway and would like to lay flagstone. In order to lay the flagstone I would need to put concrete down first. Can concrete go over concrete or will I have problems. Any suggestions on what else I can use to make the stone stick or is there anything else I can use in the breezeway besides carpet?

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  1. I went and bought closeout tile and installed on mine.It looks nice and I got the type that won’t crack if it was to get wet and freeze.It really didn’t cost that much and was a lot better than carpet.

  2. If you put flagstone over bare concrete, some of the stones may crack when weight is applied, as there needs to be uniform support under the stones to prevent flexing (because they do not flex very much before they break).

    Typically they can be set in sand, but over concrete, it would be best to put down a layer of mortar or thinset that’s thick enough to fill any large voids.

  3. instead of flagstone, use a uniformed thickness stone , or tile, then you can thin-set and grout them. remember to buy something that will not be slippery when wet.

  4. You can put concrete over concrete. First rough up the concrete below. Then lay your mud and set your stones.

  5. First of all do you have any doors coming off this breezway?
    If so raising the floor may interfere with the doors operating?
    Flagstone is also very rough and uneven, tables chairs etc., may tend to rock a little.
    I assume you want to raise the level of the floor with concrete and then lay flagstone?
    You can lay flagstone over the concrete by setting it down into a mortar base-you do not really need to pour concrete except to raise the height of the floor.
    Think about ceramic,porcelain tile. Sometimes you can find the larger pc. such as 12 x12 for a very little over $1 each. There again just put down a bed of thinset mortar and set tiles in this. Wait 24hrs. then grout.
    Consider a tile that has a very little of a textured surface so it’s not too slick.