How can I remove spilt paint from flagstones?

Whilst painting the woodwork at the top of my house with white paint, I inadvertently spilt some drops of paint on to the flagstones below. When I say some, I mean a lot.

I’ve tried blasting them with a pressure washer, but to no avail. Any other ideas, please?

6 Comments on “How can I remove spilt paint from flagstones?

  1. Although not an exact answer but some interesting reading on the subject.

    Good Luck

  2. i say sir , have you tried Gin and dynamite ?
    two large glasses of gin for yourself and a stick of rotters dynamite should do the trick, it removes most common stains like chav’s common folk and the occasional Jehovah’s witness ?
    tally ho

  3. try using Nitromorse paint remover.. leave it on over night if you can for best effect .. then use gloves & scrub with a metal scouring pad & a scraper or wire brush

  4. That’ll teach you to spy on lady guests! Why can’t you just say you’ve mistaken her bedroom door for yours like everybody else does.

    Suck it up, as Americans might say.