How does 1 fix a driveway whose soil under the concrete has eroded?

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  1. You will have to refill it and prevent future erosion by sealing it on both sides.

  2. There is a under paving system that injects a resin based slurry every twenty four – thirty six inc grid. and I have never heard anything negative. I think they require the driveway a certain way, but I cant remember sorry. Hope this helps.

  3. There are companies that will drill about a 1 hole and pump slurry under high pressure to fill the erosion. It’s called slabjacking or mudjacking.

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    Dr Spark , Why do you even bother to answer questions when you are totally clueless ?

    What you do is put a pile of moist dirt next to the hollow void under the drive way. Then push some dirt into the void. then using a rod or wooden two inch diameter pole six feet long ( like a wood closet rod ) or any five foot long pole to push and compact the soil into the void. keep filling and compacting until the void is full. . you can even raise the concrete slab using this method if you need to.

    no holes to drill , no unkown Mr Spark resin…. just do what people have done for hundreds of years as i described. compacting earth under your driveway using a wooden or metal pole. .

  5. You’d need to see where the soil has undermined beneath the concrete. Random filling of the mix mentioned is basically guessing where it’s eroded.

  6. There is 2 ways to fix it :

    1) By professionals slab jacking by lifting the concrete that is below the concrete surface, and tightly filling the gap so it will support the concrete height.

    2) By your self with a hammer drill, hammer drill bit, drop in anchors, threaded rod cut to length, nuts, fender washers, and heavy angle iron.

    Cantilever the angle iron over the concrete, drill holes to fit the drop in anchors, set them with the right size set with a hammer, screw in the threaded rod in un level, and level concrete, drill holes in the angle iron to match the distance between the drop ins. put the angle iron over the drop ins, put fender washers over it, slowly tighten the nuts to raise the sunken concrete. Pack in as much fill to fill gap under sunken concrete, remover the angle iron.