how much do people charge to install flagstone walkways?

i live in massachusetts so if you have a rough idea of my state pricing it will be great but i am glad to get any responses thanks. i will be removing the soil adding base and a nailable edge to keep walkway from shifting. i will be cutting and breaking the stones to fit nicely like a puzzle. there will be no cement just stonedust. thank you. i know the going rate per sq ft of paver is about 16.00 + a sq foot and that includes materials. actually id be looking at the sq ft price materials factoreed in but if you know just the labor thats great too . thanks a lot im basically trying to stay low and not lose my shirt because i ve done a lot of work already for this super nice lady
i see the question wasnt too clear. i am a a contractor and this is my first flagstone walkway. i just need a rough i dea of the sq ft price for flagstone which should include material and labor. thank you
lol thanx i am a bvery capalble contractor i just do not know what stone guys are getting per square ft

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  1. ask around your area too see if any 1 has had it done and see if they’ll tell you
    what they paid, i would look for a local tradesman then you can take a look at his
    work, and all so look through your local papers, tradesman.

  2. There is no such thing as a state pricing, but since you have already done the greatest part of the labor associated with your walkway, I can’t see why you do not lay your own flagstone. The hardest part is cutting the large pieces into manageable sizes and preparing the base. Go ahead and draw your vision on paper, arrange the rock close by, and drop them in. I used flagstone for the first time last summer when I covered our large back stoop with mortar and laid the stone myself. For a woman, the most difficult part is lifting them up and down to get a totally level surface – our large stones were of varying thicknesses and it was not easy task to pry them off a mortared surface so that I could add mortar underneath to make them level. You shouldn’t have those problems if your stones are the same height. If they aren’t you will find you need to adjust the level of the thicker stones to make a level surface.

  3. depending on the excavation process it should be between $4-$6/sf out the door. that is if you can get you’re stone for around $200/ton. that is a fair deal and you can make money with an hourly helper.

  4. If you are somewhat handy and have a truck and a good helper, you can do this yourself. you want instructions, which you can get from the internet or even at Home Depo in their stone department. My husband and I laid a walkway before and it was ok. stones are very forgiving, and these walkways are not meant to be perfect like kitchen tile etc. In fact we left irregular lines between the stones and planted a clover-type filler. it was like an English garden type thing and looked nice. You may want to contact your senior center and ask if there is a retired man available for reasonable fee to assist and advise you. You will feel really proud of your own creation.

    Now if you are rich and just do not care, then talk to at least three landscape type people and get estimates and go for it.

    good luck