how to get oil out of concrete driveway?

My car has leaked oil on my driveway and I want to clean it.

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  1. pour kitty litter over it, let it sit a few days, then sweep it up and use Tide detergent (or Dawn soap)and a brush to scrub what’s left.

  2. Try kitty litter to soak up the bulk of it, then Simple Green to break down the oil. You might need more than 1 application. There’s other things you can use,(paint thinner, lighter fluid, laquer thinner) but they might make halos out of the stain. The S. Green will turn it into a water-soluble stain. Laundry soap will work too, but it takes way longer to hose off.
    If you choose to use paint thinner or such, put it on a rag and lay the rag on top of the stain. The rag will pull up some of the oil.

  3. try a gunk solution, followed by a good grade of soap. dawn dish soap great for grease and oil.

  4. Yes to the kitty litter, but spend more and get a de greaser. You should find it at any big box hardware store with the driveway sealer. I think zep makes 1 and zep rocks! You may have to wait till the weather breaks to do it right. Most places only sel the sealers, cleaners etc after the weather breaks.

  5. first thing to do, if it’s been collecting in 1 spot, is to take a putty knife and scrape the thick oil off and then use kitty litter and scrub it around in the oil with a brush. then, clean that up and spread more kitty litter on it for a few days and clean that up. they make a concrete cleaner, ask a hardware store about it. you can also use dish soap and water to clean out the grease left in the cracks. after everything is cleaned up, use kitty litter there to absorb any brand new oil and change it out and reapply as needed. hope that helps.

  6. put saw dust on in and let it stand for a few days. sweep the bulk of it off then use clr cleaner on it . that is how i get it off my garage floor.

  7. The best remedy that I have came across over the years is regular carb cleaner in the spray can. There is next to no scrubing required. Oil that has been building for years is no match for this task. Simply spray the spot of oil (about the size ofa cd at a time) followed by old rag to wipe the cleaner off the concrete. The cleaner will evaporate within a minute or so, to reveal a clean spot left behind. A couple of small cautions to bear in mind. The fumes givin off by the cleaner may get strong if done in a closed areas. Carb cleaner is flammable so no smoking, and ventilate well. The solvent also gets VERY cold as it evaporates! Heavy duty rubber gloves help tremendously to keep chemicals from being on your skin,and lowers the chance of scraping your knuckles on the concrete. I am far from lazy but this is 1 corner I would recomend cutting, in our strive to find time in our busy lives to maintain a clean appearance at home. (especially if you live in a yard nazi homeowner association community ).