whats the best and cheapest solution to make my concrete patio better looking?

Yes, I have used a high pressure water to wash it and no doesnt look anybetter, Im wondering if anyone can say mm paint it, lay synethic grass over that section mmmm somthing like that cos it needs something

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  1. If you have correctly cleaned it and it is just old.Then the best thing is concrete stain, it last longer then paint, you will need the repair any cracks if any before you do it.You most likely will need a couple of coats. It comes in grays, tan, brown etc. you can buy it at some home centers, paint stores or concrete cement block companies.Good luck

  2. if its not all cracked and just looks bad, tile it…

  3. Painting would probably be the most affordable and easiest thing to do to it
    and give the most consistent results.
    Click on first link below to see some instructions.
    Good luck!

  4. If the surface is in tact (no chips or holes) then I would suggest staining. There are several products available, and some can duplicate different faux finishes if you’d like. If you have deteriorated concrete, then you can cover it with a stone, tile or paver product, or you can try resurfacing it with a coat of fresh concrete on top. If you re-concrete the top I would suggest having at least two inches of coverage above any existing concrete.

  5. I think if it does not look any better after washing it, you’ll probably need to do some sort of staining or coloring treatment. I do not know how expensive it is, but I found 1 site that sells concrete coloring sealer (I do not know what it’s actually called) in one gallon jugs. (I’m not sure how much you need, but if it’s not a lot, this place would let you buy it in relatively small amounts). Anyway, their before and after pictures are pretty impressive, so I think it would be worth looking into. They do not list pricing, but they’ve a lot of information on how to apply the sealer and all other sorts of facts about it. Good luck!