What is a relatively inexpensive way to fix a muddy driveway without having to pour concrete?

Because of a mobility problem, my wife and I have been parking at the end of the driveway on the grass close to a side door. The grass has passed away (which I expected) and every time it rains even just a very little the mud consumes the entire spot slippery and dangerous (which I did not expect). Short of pouring concrete, what is a relatively inexpensive a mud less parking spot?

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  1. Not sure how expensive it is, but could you put in some kind of gravel or rock?

  2. Sand and gravel by the bag. Buy a few at a time as you can afford it and pour them in the spot making sure the grade is tilted away from the area you want dry.

  3. rotten granite is a good material for parking lots or driveways

  4. go to your local hardware store there some stuff called lime or something once it gets wet it gets really hard like concrete and its cheaper than concrete

  5. Call a local hauling company and ask how much for a truckload of driveway gravel. They can spread it as they unload it too.

  6. Had the same problem. I got a truck load twenty two tons full small gravel called Crush of Run. Cost $480.00. They travelled about twenty miles out. Someone told me to find a stone gravel place for the cheaper cost. What the trucker driver did was open his tailgate enough to drop the material down evenly across the driveway length. Then I got a rack and made my shape for side to side. It was about six inches deep (tall). And with time it will sink and settle. I was told you’d like about twelve inches of this stuff down before black topping for stablitity…

  7. Gordon, Get what is called, 3/4 Class two Rock or 3/4 Base Rock (it’s the same thing just different names) That is perfect for what you want to do. Just be sure you get enough of it. Good luck.

  8. In my area , recycled asphalt is available. When road construction is done the old asphalt is ground up and can be delivered by the truck load. It is spread out then compacted. it gets firmer as it’s driven on. makes a great driveway

  9. The best thing is a special green plastic mesh. It is shaped like honeycomb and almost flat. You roll it over lawn and let the grass grow through it, it is held down with special pins. This means you get to keep the lawn and the surface is strong enough for a car.