Mail lady left my package out side my property. is this allowed?

I actually have a masonry gate about three 1/2 feet tall (a wall made of block) I’m arriving home and I see the mail lady walking away to deliver the neighbors mail, when I go grab my mail I see my package on my wall next to the mail box, any body passing my house could’ve grabbed it, the gate is always wide open, i do not have any dogs. is this acceptable? do i have to put up with it?

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  1. ** yes they can and do. if someone takes it that is a crime… so be lucky you got there first.

  2. well im sure she didnt do it just to spite you

    she may not be allowed to past the wall if the mailbox is sitting outside it.

    plus postal workers will leave packages outside of doors or even ontop of a mailbox (if it doesnt have a lid)

    just call the post office and explain to them that you want your packages held their and that you will personally come get them

  3. Yes

    Do you complain often about situations where you have not been wronged?

  4. If the sender didn’t send it requiring a signature, she did no wrong. She should leave it as close to your mailbox as possible. Oregon bring it to your door, but either is acceptable. Especially if the weather is not threatening to damage the package.

    Why are you making an issue over what COULD have happened?

    Package delivery is so reliable with the Postal Service that Drug Dealers are using it these days.

    Chill out.

  5. If it does not require a signature, if it’s not insured and if it does not fit in the mailbox, I’ve had them leave it on my porch. But certainly not where it’s highly visible. Are you sure she did not see you coming?

  6. Yes that is legal.

    Unless the package was signed for delivery she can leave it outside your house. Yeah she could’ve put it by the door, but if someone wanted to steal it they would just walk up your path to get it.