new concrete driveway on an old one?

i want to lay a new concrete driveway on top of an old one

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  1. Wow…What’s wrong with that Dude.,Sure you can if it’s as thick or thicker than the first slab.

  2. yes you can, just assure that the concrete that you are covering is clean so you will get a certain amount of bonding. As the other person said also, you need to have it think

  3. You can indeed put a brand new concrete slab over the existing slab. BUT…. If you pure directly on the old concrete, any cracks will transfer trough to the brand new concrete. So you’ll need to place a barrier between the two. Check with your local Building supplier or Concrete company and they’ll tell you what’s best for your application.

  4. If you’re talking repaving, it’s a bad idea to go with concrete unless you totally re do it, if you do not go at least 3 inches deep, and use reinfprcement wire, it will quickly crack and flake & powder off. Either resurface with asphalt, or dig it up and re-do it from scratch.


  5. No, no, no. It will not work. Eventually the brand new slab will break away from the existing slab. You need to break up the existing driveway and start again. It is the best way to ensure you have a good driveway that will last. Do not take shortcuts.

  6. Assuming you are planning on the brand new driveway being a full thickness (4 to six inches thick), then yes you could place the brand new directly over the old. The old driveway would basically become your base for the brand new driveway. However, you may have a few places where you might want special considerations. Two areas are where the driveway would meet the street and/or the garage. Since these levels are set, you may want to break out a portion of the old concrete so you can slope down to these levels. Another area of concern would be near any major cracks or uneven areas. These areas have some problem with them that simply covering up may not address. either expose these and fix and base problems or use rebar that spans over the section by at least three feet on either side to help span the bad section. Rebar should be places one 2 inches off the bottom and Twelve 18 inches on center, running lengthwise on the driveway. Some cross rebar in that section would also be beneficial and help keep the spacing.