What Running shoe should i buy?

I just started getting into running, and I’m enjoying it. right now I’m using a a pair of New Balance 420’s but they aren’t doing it for me.

where i live it’s hilly with few flat spots.

I am looking for something that is light snug fit and comfy.

I’ve been looking at either nimbus 10’s or a custom pair of Nike shox.

my question is are these the right shoes to look at for mostly concrete hill running or should i be looking at different shoes.

if the 2 im looking at are good for what im looking for which would you go with and do they usually run big or small.

for NB which pair would you recommend?

6 Comments on “What Running shoe should i buy?

  1. I like mizzunos. They’re really light weight and comfy

  2. For running New Balance are the best shoes you can buy. Nike are all flash. made by very little Chinese kids getting paid four cents a day

  3. i run track and this year i bought a pair of Nike shoes and a pair of oasics

  4. I work out with Marines, and they all reccomend Asis. Idk why…I have Nike shox, and they are nothing special, but that’s just what I was told to buy. happy running 🙂

  5. It’s relative to you as an individual. You should get fitted in a running store and try things on after they help you narrow down your options.