Why are driveways in some regions always blacktop, and always concrete in other regions?

I have lived across the country and noticed that in some places, all the driveways seem to be blacktop, regardless of the homes’ market values. But where I live currently, I have never seen a blacktop driveway – they’re all concrete. Why? Is blacktop better in certain climates?

7 Comments on “Why are driveways in some regions always blacktop, and always concrete in other regions?

  1. Some are probably more readily available in 1 region than another.

  2. To a contractor, the bottom line is cost. Driveway material’s costs will vary from area to area, and the contractor wants to make a profit. So, he will usually choose the less expensive materials available.
    UNLESS…..the customer specifically orders 1 over the other…..The Customer Is Always Right.

  3. sunbelt mainly concrete(like the roads) north mainly blacktop like the roads( less susceptible to ice and salt damage)

  4. Most people get what they like but price is also a big reason. I used to live in a city that would not allow asphalt. Do not know why. I have had problems with the contractor with both types but it hurts more when the concrete cost three times more.

  5. One or the other may be more common in some areas, but driveways are NOT all 1 or the other. Cost probably have a lot to do with the choice in any given area.

  6. I do not know…but where I live, some people have dirt or gravel ones, others have blacktop

  7. When you wear a black shirt in the sun it makes you warmer. Asphalt is black, when the sun hits it in the winter, it gets warmer and melts ice easier. Common practice is to put salt on concrete in the winter. Salt eats away at concrete. So after knowing these fun facts, you can come to the conclusion that in warmer climates where there is no frost factor, they can use concrete more often (if it fits the budget) and in colder climates asphalt is more practical (and cheaper)