Why are there cracks on recently poured concrete? My driveway has cracks on it.?

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  1. That is probably on account of uneven drying out of the concrete. Just patch it up.

  2. was it vibrated and troweled when poured ?
    and poured at least six inches deep ?

  3. The key to a good job with concrete is for it to be poured on stable ground. You can pour it 2′ deep and it will crack if the ground below moves. Question for you. Are there joints in the slab? Concrete should have control joints (narrow groove the length of it) every 10′-12′. Concrete will crack, it’s not unusual for it to happen. The purpose of control joints is that if it cracks, it will crack on the underside at those control joints. The thing it should also have is an expansion joint/joints every 20′ (if it’s that big). An expansion joiont is either a fiberous material that allows the concrete to expand and contract without cracking.

    Here is what you need to look for. Watch the crack. If it gets bigger or dispalces (up and down), then you have an issue. Concrete will crack. Especially poured this time of year. I would get some material to fill the crack asap. Water from rain will seep into the crack and make it worse over time.

  4. Seem’s like it dried too quickly,
    Could be on account of bad mix too much sand and not enough water.

    Or poured when too sunny?????????????????
    Your only choice it to brush a dry mix into the cracks,
    then water over with a hose or sprinkler.

  5. It does not matter if your brand new drive way is cracked then who ever installed it has to make it right. If they refuse take a few pictures and take them into small claims court. What ever happened is not your fault.

  6. Maybe this is a question you should take up with the person who done the job