Why does it seem like science and religion just cant get along?

The fact i see everybody use is evolution. Im tired of scientific people or more socalled atheists refuted religion they dont comprehend in the same way theologist refuse the being of atleast micro evolution which actually equates to adaptation. God is great and his grand designn would not allow us not to be able to adapt. The fact that science is just learning this now is appalling. I do alot of research dealing with everything from theology and masonry to evolution and science. I persoanlly love math chemistry and physics and am on my way to becoming an engineer. I just dont comprehend the drastic drift between us as human being. For every atheist out there there is something deep in you that tells you there is more but because you may want to be pacified by the lying media you are blinded and diverged from you true purpose here on earth. But you who have religion and persecute know you are against the Lord your selves. You repay kindness and love to those that hate and are digusted not throw flames into the fire also. I dont believe in critical thinking and logic as bad but faith comes fromm more than logic so if you wonder why God didnt come to you while you were wading in the water screaming for him ask yourself this question. If all it took was for people to bitch and complain to God for things to happen why would we pray?
The main fact is almost all scientific books now a days are based on evolution from bio to chemistry and i dont mind people expressing their views but there cant be just 1 way to scientifically explain it. If this was true and could be proven it would be in effect a law of science but on a diifferent note alot of science is based on facts of statistics especailly 1 field called psychology (called correlation -1.0-+1.0). I believe if you want someone to learn something you shouldnt have to force it upon them. You can always bring a horse to water but you cant make him drink. I feel it still kinda pushes people away to be overwhelmed by 1 side or the other

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  1. Because they’re both bigots.

    Evolution doesn’t disprove the bible or God but only someones theological interpretation. On the idea of whether there is a God or not, good science yet remains neutral. Since God is tracing genes in the bible, does not that mean that God brand new about evolution before science? Does Genesis 30:39 where Jacob is dealing with the flocks of sheep reveals that God had taught him something about genes and how they’re passed from generation to generation?

    The things talkedn about in Genesis one that God did in an instant mentally/Spiritually is still unraveling in the progress of time and Genesis 2:1-3 from the point of view of the physical has not yet happened. It does not take time for God to create but time actually is part of the creation. Now Adam was the start of a brand new segment of time called the Adamic age (of which the bible deals with) within a much older segment of time that could be millions or billions of years old. Adam was something brand new introduced to this world. Time is actually insignificant to the God. Genesis six speaks about Adam’s offspring (called the Sons of God) being mixed with the humanoid evolved creatures, that were here before Adam, through their daughters. Noah was mixture and so are we. Adam’s offspring introduced language and objectivity to the purely subjective and emotional world of the animal. Adam is the missing link that science has yet to find because of his origin as an angelic genes that were placed in a physical body his bones dissolved after death and so did his descendants that were giant. Because the Giant were not able to breed with the smaller people they became more and more inbreed which produces mental and physical problems. Since not all were physical giants though but some were mental and spiritual giants yet of a small size and could breed in a bigger gene pull their traits survived. Adam’s genes remain on this planet but only mentally and spiritually.

  2. Science is fine. It’s the retards who try to turn it into a religion that just do not see the big picture.

  3. Because science is so bent on disproving God, with things like pi equalling 3.14159, DESPITE THE FACT the Bible says it’s 3.

  4. Because religion will not play nice.

    Didn’t read your wall o’ text, btw.

  5. Science and religion can coexist.

    In Catholic school I was taught evolution and that it did exist. Not all denominations disagree with evolution. :3

  6. This question has a false premise. In fact recently a poll of scientists showed that many were religious, and those who were not respected their peers that were. The only people that think there is some kind of rift between science and religion are ignorant extremists, whether they be atheist or religious.

  7. There is no conflict between true science and true religion. Truth cannot conflict with truth. The only religions that have problems with science are those which have no authoritative source of truth.

  8. Why does it seem like science and religion just cant get along?

    Only in America.
    It`s 1 of your freedoms that we’re all jealous of and why we all want to live there.

  9. they can to people who are open minded
    some people just try to use science to disprove God, and they cant

  10. Its just an illusion. Much more made for by economics and politics, rather than the dynamics of science or religion themselves. Both science and religion, can be quite resilient and adaptable to better things. Its what people do with them that makes them seem so at odds with 1 another.
    This usually roots from,sometimes even extremely subtle( not always easy to see on the large sociological scales they effect), influences of peoples commitments to monetary and political power and influence.
    Lets not forget that even churches can’t do much in this world without funding.
    As well, the intellectual community is funded, usually by private enterprise, or by political institutions.
    Monetarily, such institutions can be found quite overly desperate to establish means of agreement among people of different beliefs, for the own monetary or political benefit of those public or private institutions.
    They could think they’ve every reason to fund only research that fits with their agendas, if its even really all so the best information, or not.
    Rich people do not like things that interrupt their cash flow.
    With the way this world, and anything that is in power, functions, it would be a wonder if we could really trust anything at all to show us what is true about things.
    When it really comes down to the dealings among mankind in such things, all we really have, is us people.

  11. Religious nut jobs have nothing to back there theories up and depend on a book written by people and put together who were even crazier than they are. Also May twenty one doomsday was a complete fail from a moron who got a bunch of idiots to help promote his stupidity.