how to calculate a yard of concrete for my patio?

how to find how many yard of concrete i do need for my patio

How do I correctly pour a concrete patio against a house.?

The problem is a building inspector said if I pour the patio at 1st floor level (no step) I would be pouring against the wood sill plate and it could rot and possibly attract termites. He offered no help in resolving this issue.

how much concrete do i need for 800 sq.feet patio?

Building Patio 18*25 Husband Wants to lay concrete then find someone to build the patio. Is that safe?

Currently have a Wooded Patio w/ Big Pecan Tree. The Wooded Patio will be removed along w/ the Tree and the root will be killed. My husband has found a company that will come out and remove the wooded patio, cut the tree, kill the root, and haul it…

We would ike to put tile outside on concrete patio (12 x 15).?

We get freezing weather in winter. Any suggestions re: materials and installation? We were thinking about porcelain.

How do you re-lay a patio? The concrete slabs have sunken and are uneven, so need to be lifted and re-layed?

What should I do with stained concrete patio after removing astroturf (fake grass)?

When I bought my home the previous owners had a dog that had used the astroturf as a bathroom to do it’s bathroom on so it stank and when it rains it’s gross. I have a handyman over removing it but underneath the concrete is all stained with green sp…

Weed control between concrete patio stones?

We have a patio made of 2ft by 2ft patio stones, with 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch spaces between the stones. The weeds drive me nuts! Any ideas on what I can fill in the spaces with to prevent weeds from growing? I tried sand, and grew weeds, I tried scr…