Elementary Math – John is building a patio. Each section requires 2/3 of a cubic yard of concrete.?

… The concrete truck holds two and 1/4 cubic yards of concrete. If there is not enough for a full section at the end, John can put in a divider and make a partial section. How many sections can John makes with the concrete in the truck?

How would you anchor a trampoline to a concrete patio?

We have such a small yard that with the kids’ swing set we don’t have room to put our brand new trampoline on the grass. We plan to put the trampoline on our concrete patio which is 12’x36′.

We definitely want to anchor it for both safety and weath…

How much would it cost lay a concrete patio?

like six inches deep, twelve foot by fifteen foot.

How many ninety pound bags of concrete would i need?
some guy- next time you watch your mouth!

I have a raised concrete patio that sags in the middle. Rain causes deep pooling. How can I fix problem?

Do not know if it’s hollow or filled with dirt. How can I repair pooling problem.

When pouring a concrete patio, how important is it to lay sand on the soil underneath the concrete?

My installer poured a brand new patio for me. He leveled the ground, meshed re-bar throughout, and then poured the concrete. I live in midwest where it can get quite cold. Will this hurt anything? Shouldn’t he have put a layer of sand or pebble u…

Where can I learn how to lay concrete for a patio?

I do not want to read about it on the web, I want to go to school and learn concrete, hands on.
WTF, I was thinking about doing that but did not know contractors would do it. Thanx! Are you a contractor?

What can I use to fill in the cracks between our concrete tiles on our patio to permamently…?

…stop the weed growth?
We use weed kill and bleach constantly. I think there should be a filler (Putty-like substance) that I could put there to stop the weeds once and for all. Help!!!

Patio Pavers on concrete?

I have a concrete slab in my back that is the lowest point of my yard. I want to use patio pavers to build it up and make it more appealing to the eye. Would I just use sand underneath the pavers for stability or is there something special I have t…

How to turn a concrete patio into a stone one?

We have a standard suburban house, nice, but thrown up quick. It has a small concrete patio, with 2 support beams holding up the roof over it. We would like to redo the patio and lay stone, like flagstone, down instead. However, i’m not sure we can r…

Questions about concrete stamping for patio?

I have an existing concrete patio that I want to dress up with a stamp and stain. The patio already has an epoxy paint finish on it that is pretty worn. My question is, can I put the layover right on top of that epoxy, or will I need to use a grind…