Any ideas on landscaping ten x eighteen courtyard?

my townhouse has a small courtyard between house and gararge that I would like to make more appealing, it’s completly enclosed, gets good light and is in full view of the dining room. I want to make it into a low maintenance garden area with a lot of…

How have tetonic plates changed the landscape of the planet?

What causes tectonic plate???

Do creation myths reflect the landscape of the creators of the myth?

In his book The Grand Design Stephen Hawking talks of the Boshongo people of central Africa who vomited up the universe after a really good lunch. And the Mayan gods who made different versions of Man before hitting on a model they liked.
Instead of …

Is an architect the same as a landscape architect?

I was wondering because i looked up a school and it had 2 different things. when i looked online i cant find anything

Does the Navy have any use for landscape architects or urban designers?

Landscape architects DO NOT cut grass.
I have a BA in Art History, 2 professional degrees (Master of Landscape Architecture and a Master of Urban Design).

Is it worth it to hire a landscape designer/consultant?

We built a home on an acreage and will be landscaping this spring/summer. We plan to do the grading/planting ourselves and have some ideas, but the sheer size, shape and topography of the lot itself is scaring the heck out of me!

The idea is to l…

Which is the most promising career, Architect, Landscape Architect or Archaeologist?

I want to be an Architect,Landscape Architect or Archaeologist. Which 1 gets paid the most and/or is more promising/reliable. I want to get a job right after university, I dont want a job that I will be hard to find a career in.

Would it be realistic to be a Landscape Architect that lives AND works in rural areas?

That question sums up most of it. I am interested in the work, but more importantly, I cannot stand to live in a city.

do you think the law enforcement have got the right guy this time?

A Thirty Two year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of landscape architect Jo Yeates.

Miss Yeates, 25, went missing from her home in Canynge Road, Clifton, Bristol, on seventeen Dec after a night out with work colleagues in the ci…

Jo Yeates – worked as a landscape architect ……. isnt that just an ordinary gardener?

I guess that makes me an Information Technology Engineer …..