Do you have to go to school to be a landscaper or landscape architect?

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@ Mathew, there are not any landscape or landscape architecture programs at any of the schools by me. But at the community college they’ve Historic Preservation and bookkeeping certificate programs….will those programs be good enough?
@ …

As a landscape contractor, I think AZ is suffering from a mental disorder. And you?

Without Mexicans I would be out of business.
I can’t find any American people willing to cut grass or trim hedges in the hot sun alongside me.
They can’t keep up.

And of the few spoiled brats I do hire, I have to pay a Mexican to keep an eye on them…

Can landscape contractor charge design fee and keep it because I cancel the deal?

I hired this landscape contractor. He said he will design for a fee and the amount can be applied toward installation later. I paid him $300 deposit, but he kept canceling(3 times) conceptual drawing meeting. After waiting for three weeks, I told him…

What is the difference between a landscape contractor and a landscape architect?

What is the difference?

Do you select your friends by their work skills?

You know, slowly befriend a home contractor, drywall install/finish person, mechanic, electrician, pool installer, appliance repair person, plumber, HVAC person, landscaping person, mover person, computer specialist, etc.?

When something at home goe…

Should I tip my landscape contractor?

He and his crew did a fantastic job, but it was expensive. Would it be appropriate to give them extra as a tip?

My boss keeps putting off paying me?

This summer, I have been working a landscaping job. I have been getting paid on a regular basis. There is no employment contract, and no paycheck stub to speak of.

Over the last 2 weeks, my boss has slipped behind with my pay, and it has gradually …

what is the difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect?

the education,salary,job ?

How do people feel about this letter to the editor about illegals?Don’t blame illegals for state budget mess?

Don’t blame illegals for state budget mess
By Dennis Wyatt
Managing Editor
[email protected]
POSTED Jun 13, 2009 2:21 a.m.

Are the illegal residents washing dishes in a resta…

Are landscape architects REAL architects?

I have a friend who is dating a landscape architect. From what I’ve seen him do, it looks like he’s just a regular landscaper guy. Like he works on yards and stuff. So is landscape architect a real architect or is it nothing more than a euphemistic f…