Mail lady left my package out side my property. is this allowed?

I actually have a masonry gate about three 1/2 feet tall (a wall made of block) I’m arriving home and I see the mail lady walking away to deliver the neighbors mail, when I go grab my mail I see my package on my wall next to the mail box, any body p…

Did atheism start to exist by the time of the French revolution?

I do not recall anyone remembering atheism existed before

Maybe atheism started existing with the Illuminati, a conspiracy group created by masonry that started the age of Illuminism

how much of the occult symbolism of masonic rituals did joseph put into the endowment cermony?

. according to mormon history of j/s life, he was into occult practices at an early age. his family searched for buried treasure with peep and seer stones, devining rods and other forms of witchcraft. when they located a treasure spot they drove sta…

Atheist and Christians: What do you think about Freemasons?

The absolute requirements for becoming a Mason are:

1. Be a man, at least twenty one years old.

2. Have belief in God or a Supreme Being of any faith. No particular religion or faith is required or excluded. All are welcome. No atheist can be …

What are the best masonry drill bits?

I bought a set of Bosch go through everything bits (stone,concrete,steel etc) and have had to return them as after drilling about half an inch through a concrete gatepost it will go no more, im surprised as they were supposed to be good ones.Anyone k…

Why is masonry referred to as the craft?

What can you tell me about the order of free masonry ?

What do their symbols mean (pyramid, compass / square)
Is it satanic worship
Is it illuminati
what do you have to do to get in
Do they want to build soloman’s temple in jerusalem


how is a masonry drill bit look different to a metal or wood drill bit?

How did those passports on 9/11 fly through the flaming fireball and collapsing masonry, to be found intact?

only hours after the event?

what is masonry? Is it a religion?

what are its objectives?