A four inch thick concrete slab i sbeing poured for a circular patio ten ft in diameter.?

A four inch thick concrete slab is being poured for a circular patio ten feet in diameter. Concrete costs $50 per cubic yard. Find the cost of the concrete, to the nearest cent. Help, my answer seems way off, thanks!
I got the same answer Rich so I…

would diluted dog urine kill my grass?

I have a neighbor that sprays down there back concrete patio, they’ve one dog and it pees on the concrete, so about Two 3 times a week they spray it down with a hose and all the run off is coming into my yard. My yard is dirt right now and I am putti…

How can i drill my patio furniture in a concrete patio .?

I had my patio furniture stolen last year and i have purchased a brand new set that i would live to drill into my patio .

best concrete cleaner de-greaser patio?

I’ve placed Thomson’s water sealer on my concrete backyard patio. Some of the areas are now black and splotchy. What’s the best de-greaser to use to help with those areas?

Did I use the wrong contractor?

And if so, what do I do now? I live in northern california, & recently had a rear patio poured. After getting four different quotes, I found a contractor that is current on his state contractor’s license – I checked the states web site, as well as fo…

My dog has trouble staying on her back legs. What could cause this?

My eight year old German Shepard female got diarrhea about 1 month ago and had accidents for about a week. I finally was able to control it, but for about two more weeks she had on and off diarrhea. However, for about a week now, she has been good si…

laborers that work for free to lay a concrete patio?

have someone to come and pour concrete but need people to flatten it and other things to get the concrete slab in. 44ft x 9ft x five in.. is how big it is…

My puppy won't poop or pee in the grass!?

We got our puppy when he was eight weeks old and now that he’s potty trained outside (now he is 9 months old) he continues to poop or pee on the patio/concrete or on top of our jacuzzi cover. I have punished him each time I see him, but he is not le…

What is the best way to attach 4×4 posts to a concrete patio?

I would like to add a few posts with railing to our concrete patio. The posts don’t need to support any weight they are simply decorative for our front patio. This is what Ive been envisioning (only attached to concrete): http://www.inspectapedia….

When is the best time to hire a contractor for installing a concrete patio?

Thank you, I live in VA . I got some estimations for my patio from different contractors and they charged me from $3k-$4K. I was wondering if the timing will make any different in price.