best way to clean an old concrete slab patio?

My patio is about twenty years old and is looking really dirty
i have used a pressure washer on it several times and it cleans it slightly but the black stains are still is made from 2ftx2ft slabs there anything i can try to clean …

Can I use flagstone to wear down bearded dragon nails?

how do i figure out how much concrete i will need for a driveway?

4 thick, 7′ wide, 16′ long.

Landlord appears to be concreting the whole driveway?

Is this legal without appropriate notice to tenants? It means we will be unable to park in our car ports and will have to park out in the street, in a not so safe area (car thefts, vandalism etc).
It’s not the ghetto. It’s just close to town where dr…

How Do You Prepare the Ground For a Concrete Driveway? Gravel? Wire Mesh?

I live in Northeast TN, with rather clay soil. I’m thinking of pouring a driveway myself (in very thin slab portions so I can manage it myself). I’d like to make it about Four 5 inches thick with wire mesh in it.

I’m just curious about what the grou…

Using pre-mixed concrete for an entire driveway?

I have used these pre mix concrete bags to lay out walkways and shed foundations many times. Me and a few guys can cut and mix in an old concrete bath tub as fast as I can shovel it in. Is it feasable to use this to do a twenty five x thirty slab. …

Concrete guys do i need rebar for my driveway?

I have to expand my driveway and add a 11×11 slab in the back yard for my spa and gazebo…..i asked the cocrete guy if i need rebar for the driveway..he said no unless im planning on parking a big rig in my driveway….all i have is a 350z and my li…

Why do slugs appear on the concrete patio after it's been raining?

How do you remove paint from concrete driveway?

Last Aug the lid on a can of blue paint came off and onto the driveway. We were able to get some off, but not all. The pain dried quickly because it was 1 of those 110 degree days. I went to a home improvement store where they advised me to get a pai…

I'm staining my concrete driveway. Which brand (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc. ) is the best to use?