will mortar adhere to a foundation with a tar sealant

The name of the black filler in a concrete residential driveway is called what?

I’m prepping my house for sale. After a decade in the desert, the black filler that goes between the sections of residential concrete driveways is missing or in horrible shape. It’s there to prevent people from catching their feet or something they a…

Just got my driveway concreted with the imprinted concrete.?

The guy doing it said that we should get a line cut into it from top to bottom, to stop the concrete from cracking if it expands. Has anyone had problems with concrete cracking, or should i just take a chance and no bother with the line…it might ta…

What is the best way to get old dry bubble gum form concrete driveway?

how thin can I pour a concrete patio?

I was going to pour a small concrete patio behind my house. Like 10′ x 12′. I was wondering how thin can I pour it? Would three inches be too thin. I was thinking about framing it up with 2×4’s, and adding some gravel in the area where the patio will…

how can i start to become an landscape architect.?

im only in 7th grade and i want to start now to become the best landscape architect i can be!

Can I use my shop vac to vacuum a patio, drive way, and other concrete places outside?

I just wondering if i can because there are alot of rocks and I do not want to damage it but I know the shop vac is very strong and vacuums well. does anyone use it for this purpose.

So, since the brand new concrete driveway is out as an anniversary gift……..?

What suggestions can offer?
She is tapping her foot gang.

Do you think a brand new concrete driveway is an appropriate anniversary gift?

Seagle! Good to see you! 🙂
Funny Bear. 🙂

Butt prints….not a bad idea.
*lol Skatermom…..so your point is?? *doe eyed look*

What is the best way to weed between flagstones?

I’m brand new to owning my own home and I do not know much about gardening.
What I would like to do is have really perfect crisp/groomed landscaping.
I have pulled up all large weeds. This leaves me with tiny hard to pull weeds in between right are…